Making valuable connections with people in the same situation


The Parents Inclusion Network (PIN) is an established group of families affected by disability - parents and carers with sons and daughters with a disability.  The key to what PIN is about is in the title - it is first and foremost a group dedicated to and managed by parents and carers, so it is about what is important to them.

PIN believes the solution is simple - just bring people together.  For parents and carers, a group which supports, includes, connects and enables can make a world of difference.

PIN manages a network of over 550 families affected by disability, throughout Dumfries and Galloway.  By bringing parents and carers on our network together, PIN reduces feelings of isolation, exclusion and helplessness, so common to families with disabled sons and daughters.

The network enables PIN to provide support, training, information and opportunities for consultation, for parents and carers in any number of creative and flexible ways, from visiting families in their homes across the authority, to booking Dalscone Play Centre for the exclusive use of PIN families.

PIN is a unique group because it is run by parents and carers, with sons and daughters of all ages and types of disabilities.

The current members of PIN are all committed to the idea of such a group and experience the benefit of being with others in the same position, who just ‘get it' and truly understand their situation. The relief of knowing you are not the only one struggling with the system is often a lifeline. Because of this, there is always a very friendly, informal, non-threatening atmosphere at all our events.

You can contact us on 01387 252683 or email us


Could you spare just 6 hours a month to help us?

The Board of Directors would like to ask all parents/carers if they would like to become a member of the board. It is not an obligation that takes up much time, but it does require a commitment and a belief in the value of PIN. It is an exciting and rewarding commitment as we see PIN really making a difference to people.

If so, could you give up just 6 hours a month of your time to help make it happen?

Together, the project coordinators and the parents on the Board of Directors steer PIN to bring parents together in ways which make a real difference.

While the position is voluntary, all expenses are reimbursed.

We meet once a month to make plans for the future direction of the company. None of us are experts. We are all parents of children and young adults with a wide range of disabilities who believe in the value of PIN. 

We are fortunate to have a coordinator who deals with connecting families, the day-to-day running and the on-going development of PIN.

You can contact us on 01387 252683 or email us

AGM Minutes 2018

AGM Minutes from 2018 will be available soon.